Let Helms College Nurture Your Inner Chef With Saturday Chef Classes

Saturday Chef 2017Helms College is pleased to announce the return of our Saturday Chef classes! We began the program last year, and due to its huge success we have brought it back again for 2017. In case you aren’t familiar with our Saturday Chef classes, they are held one Saturday per month at the culinary labs located at the Helms College Augusta School of Hospitality campus as a part of Continuing Education. The program is open to the public and is structured to help improve your cooking skills at home. These hands-on classes are conducted by professional chefs who will teach and entertain you, and afterward you can enjoy your creations.

The classes are presented on a monthly basis and the cost is just $75 per person, including all materials, ingredients, utensils and supplies. You will learn under the guidance of some of the best in the cooking industry in the Augusta area and be able to use your newly acquired knowledge to create fabulous meals right in your own kitchen.

Mar 11 Basic Meat & Fish: Learn the basics of meat and fish selection and handling; basic knife skills including filleting and separating, de-boning, seasoning, marinating and storing flat fish, pork and beef cuts.

Apr 29 International Cuisine Series: Indian/Asian Explore traditional dishes to “Americanized” takeout favorites like Chicken Tikka Masala, Scallion Pancakes, Indian Samosas and a simple version of General Tso’s.

International Cuisine Cooking ClassMay 20 International Cuisine Series: Mediterranean/Greece to Italy: Our Mediterranean class will emphasize simple, healthy foods using traditional ingredients like olive oil, fresh fish, nuts, seeds, and items from Helms College Culinary garden overseen by students from our Associates Degree Program.

June 24 Bar-B-Que: Grilling and smoking, marinades, dry rubs, smoking and sauces. We’ll show you how to get the most flavor from choosing the right cut of meat to cooking, resting and serving it properly.

July 22 Kids in the Kitchen: Our chefs will help young, aspiring chefs get on the right culinary track with some basic knife skills, sautéing, and roasting techniques. They’ll also get to prepare some simple sauces and, of course, dine on their creations.

pizza flatbread classAug 19 Salads & Sides: From the outer edge to the center of our plates, salads and side dishes are becoming the main event. Create tasty and appealing salads, dressings, and side dishes with just a few basic rules to follow.

Oct 14 Pizza, Flatbread & Focaccia: Learn how to prepare delicious combinations of sauces, toppings and doughs using expert culinary techniques. Explore flavors and textures from Sicily to Brooklyn with one of America’s favorite foods.

Nov 11 Hot & Cold Plated Desserts: Easily jazz up your favorite desserts from pies and cakes to ice creams and custards. Prepare basic dessert sauces like chocolate and raspberry coulis, make tulip cookie plate garnishes, and pipe the perfect whipped cream rosette.

Saturday Chef courses at the Augusta School of Hospitality

Each participant will have a hands-on opportunity for culinary education, and by the end of each class will be able to impress family and friends with their new cooking techniques in their home kitchen. Just imagine the dishes you will be able to prepare after completing one, or more, of our Saturday Chef courses! You may even discover that this is something you have a real passion for and consider enrollment at Helms College. We’re going to make food magic happen and maybe even light the fire for a new career in the food industry, too!

Hurry-class sizes limited!

Call 706-651-9707 or email saturdaychef@helms.edu. You can also learn more by visiting helmscontinuingeducation.com.

Helms CollegeHelms College is operated by Goodwill Industries with campuses in Macon and Augusta. We help individuals get into the culinary, hospitality and health science industry with intensive training to help them succeed. Our curricula is designed to help individuals move into a new career or advance in the career they are already in the industry by improving their existing skills.


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