5 reasons why a career in Health Services may be the perfect fit for you

Helms School of Health SciencesIf your career plans include training in health services, Helms College offers plenty of choices. Health service encompasses a broad range of occupations and specializations. With an ever-growing and aging population, the need for skilled professionals is booming in almost every area. If you’re interested in learning more a career in health services, the Helms College School of Health Services in Augusta offers training in three different career paths.

A career is more than just a paycheck. That’s why you should carefully consider the reasons for choosing your career. And while a good salary and interesting work are at the top of the list, there are many more reasons to consider a career in health services.

Job security: Unlike many industries that are losing workers, the health care field is growing rapidly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: “The healthcare and social assistance industry is projected to create about 28 percent of all new jobs created in the U.S. economy by 2020. This industry—which includes public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and individual and family services—is expected to grow by 33 percent, or 5.7 million new jobs.”

Helms College School of Health Services studentsHand-on learning opportunities: At Helms College School of Health Services, our programs involve both classroom and hands-on learning opportunities. You may spend time in a lab, serve an internship, or extend training in a bustling hospital to hone your technical and patient care skills.

You will do work that interests you: A career in health services can lead you down many different paths.  From helping treat patients in an office, taking vitals or collecting and preparing specimens. You can work in a small doctor’s office or in a hospital. The range of skills and experiences is limited only to your imagination.

You can make a difference in people’s lives: Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing a career in health services is that you will can make a difference in people’s lives.  Whether you work as a patient care technician, medical administrative assistant or a multi-skilled medical assistant you will be helping to make the patients healthier and safer, and have a positive influence on their well-being.

helms-college-multi-skilled-medical-assistant-programYou can find a health career that fits your educational plans: Healthcare continues to be one of the more sought-after career fields. In many cases, training for a health care career with a high job ranking doesn’t always take years of medical school. These include health care support workers who assist physicians with important tasks as they monitor, diagnose and treat patients. Many of these positions require no more than specialized training to enter the workforce, with completion in less than a year for students to then test for certification and start their new career.

If a career in health services sounds like the right fit for you, we encourage you to contact Helms College today! Our Health Services programs are very much hands-on, so you learn career-focused and practical lessons that will help you get an education to make you successful in the health care career path of your choice.

Federal financial aid information is available for those who qualify, including VA education benefits. Both campuses of Helms College will hold open house from 4-6 p.m. Jan. 5, with the next quarter of classes starting Jan. 17. Staff members will be on hand to discuss all the career options available upon completion of Helms College’s programs.

Helms CollegeFor more information about Helms College and our diverse menu of career training options, contact  School of Health Services at 1-844-GO HELMS.


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