Medical Assistant one of the top 25 up-and-coming careers of 2016

Helms School of Health SciencesIn our fast-paced world it is often hard to determine whether a career point of interest is a smart choice. Knowing that the trade you will work so hard to train for is a desirable field where employment opportunity is in demand can help give peace of mind. In some cases demand for specific healthcare jobs may result in the number of graduates specializing in a specific position and then facing heavy competition when entering the workforce. This is why at Helms College we look to job ranking statistics and data to analyze the desirability of the specific trade itself.

Healthcare continues to be one of the more sought-after jobs. In many cases, training for a health care career with a high job ranking doesn’t always take years of medical school. These include health care support workers who assist physicians with important tasks as they monitor, diagnose and treat patients. Many of these positions require no more than specialized training to enter the workforce. One of the highest ranked of these is the multi-skilled medical assistant.

According to an article in the esteemed U.S. News & World Report, Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant is ranked as one of the top 25 health care support jobs for 2016. Medical assistants work in various medical office settings where they not only help with clerical work but also assist with basic medical tasks. The employment rate for this career is 96 percent, and there are estimated to be more than 138,000 job openings for medical assistants this year alone. Helms College’s School of Health Services trains students for the exciting field of Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant along with Medical Administrative Assistant and Patient Care Technician.


The U.S. health care system is changing rapidly, and you can stay ahead of the curve by completing a health services program at Helms College. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Multi-Skilled Medical Assistants is projected to grow 23 percent from 2014 to 2024—much faster than average for all occupations—due to increased demand for preventive medical services and the growth of an aging population.

The Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant program is a specialized educational program that focuses on a variety of clinical procedures as well as administrative duties. Students in the Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant program at Helms College receive the training needed to complete vital administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other health-care facilities.


Upon completion of the Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant program, students will have entry-level skills to serve as medical assistants. They also have the ability to gain specialized certification for positions in a variety of health-care facilities.
The Helms College Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant program helps students develop the skills needed to:Students from Helms College Patient Care Tech class

• Prepare patients for examinations
• Obtain vital signs
• Assist with first aid
• Collect and prepare specimens
• Perform EKGs
• Greet patients
• Take medical histories

If a career in health services sounds like the right fit for you, we encourage you to contact Helms College today! Our Health Services programs are very much hands-on, so you learn career-focused and practical lessons that will help you get an education to make you successful in the health care career path of your choice.

Federal financial aid information is available for those who qualify, including VA education benefits. The next quarterly class start is on October 10th, with completion in less than a year for students to then test for certification and start their new career.

Helms CollegeFor more information about Helms College and our diverse menu of career training options, contact our School of Health Services admissions office in Augusta today at 706-651-9707 or 1-844-GO HELMS.




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