Enrollment is open for our next Saturday Chef cooking class: Sushi

Sushi is an entree that often requires reservations at a high-end restaurant and a lengthy wait in order to enjoy. Imagine if you could indulge in the same decadence right from your own dining room. With the Helms College upcoming Saturday Chef class focused on the preparation of sushi, you can!

Sushi class at Helms College Saturday Chef class Spetember 17th

Enrollment is now open for our September 17th sushi class which will educate you on the basic terminology; how to cook sushi rice; prepare fish; and present and serve with garnishes and sauces. Some of the highlights of this class include Nigiri (fish on rice) and variety sushi rolls (California and spicy tuna rolls, etc.), as well as miso soup.

Saturday Chef courses at the Augusta School of HospitalityUpon completing this class you will have all the skills required to host your own Japanese-inspired sushi night with friends and family!

In addition to being a unique and versatile dish, sushi and many of the ingredients associated with its preparation also are good for you — making it the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle:

  • The omega-3 fatty acids in fish are linked to heart protection and improved circulation.
  • Rice is a good source of energy, provides a supply of protein and has long been used by naturopaths to treat digestive disorders.
  • Wasabi, used as a condiment for sushi, could also have health benefits. Scientists in Japan have discovered compounds called isothiocyanates in the paste that can help prevent tooth decay.
  • Seaweed, another element often associated with sushi, is rich in iodine – vital for a healthy thyroid. It also contains copper, calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Ginger, also used in many sushi recipes, is widely known to have therapeutic effects, such as aiding digestion, and often is prescribed by naturopaths to ward off seasickness. It is also thought to protect against respiratory illnesses and colds, as well as to ease flatulence. Chewing on ginger can relieve toothache pain.


The next Saturday Chef class is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, from 10:00am – 12:30 pm. Cost for the class is $75 per person and spaces are limited, so don’t delay!

Helms CollegePlease visit our website for our next Saturday Chef classes. Click here to register online. You can also learn more about the Helms College culinary program by contacting our admissions office today at the Augusta School of Hospitality at (706) 651-9707, or visit our website at Helms.edu to learn more.



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