Graduation Day is a Culmination of Hard Work and Celebration of Success

Helms College graduates gather in preparationGraduations are always a special time at Helms College, and we can’t be more proud our current group of graduating students! They’ve worked incredibly hard to achieve their dreams and we know they are ready to secure careers in their chosen areas of interest. Many, in fact, have already landed terrific new jobs in the local area. Family and friends can have the honor of celebrating the culmination of tons of hours of hard work, studying, testing and the rigorous training that is involved in prepping our students for success in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

We’re excited to announce that each campus will have a special speaker that will address the graduating alumni to wish them well into their future endeavors. On July 12th at 6PM at the Snelling Center, The Augusta School of Hospitality will enjoy some time with Brennan Francois, the CEO of Alliance Health Center in Chattanooga, Tenn. On July 14th at 6PM,  graduating students from The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality  in Macon will have the pleasure of listening to Wayne Wetendorf, owner of the renowned Grits Café in Forsyth, GA, and a member of the Helms College Hospitality Advisory Committee.

Helms College Graduation July, 2015.Whether you are interested in a culinary career or one in the health care industry, Helms College will give you the tools and education needed to get you on the path to a new job and future. Our students work under educators who are experts in their fields to learn the basic skills to will get them ready for an exhilarating new career. Practical knowledge coupled with hands-on training is what prospective employers in our local area are so excited about when it comes to recruiting Helms College graduates. They know the level of commitment that our staff and students have to get them the best education possible that culminates in employment.

Helms College Graduation July 2015Our students come from all walks of life and are of all ages. Some are just starting out, while others are looking for a change or new direction after years in other industries. You should never think you are too old, too young or too deep into another career to consider an education at Helms College so that you can get a job you truly love. You can become part of a fast-paced profession in industries that are in great need of fresh talent and a demand that is being fueled by a lack of available candidates. We are currently faced with shortages in both the food and healthcare industries of capable and trained individuals who have the right skills. If you are looking for a new track in life or simply to enhance and refine the skills you already have, then Helms College can be the right choice. If you are high energy, have a deep desire to learn and help others, then Helms College could be the place for you.

We are eager to hear from our graduating students as they begin their journeys into new careers. We are so delighted by their progress and hard work, and we know they will make us proud and continue the legacy of Helms College.
Helms CollegeBecome one of our esteemed graduates at Helms College and get ready for a world of opportunity in a whole new career. If you are considering a career in cooking or hospitality, give us a call today at 1-844-GO-HELMS (844-464-3567)

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