Helms College Students Put a Creative Twist on a Girl Scout Cookie Favorite

Helms College Students

Helms College student Lynae Radke.

Our students at Helms College recently had the opportunity to participate in a Girl Scout Cookie Competition where they had to take one of the Girl Scout cookies we all know and love and make a delectable dessert from it. Student Lynae Radke’s Samoa Bundt Cake featured a salted caramel sauce and toasted coconut for a bit of crunch over ice cream. Finished off with an artful drizzle of chocolate, Lynae’s miniature Bundt cake is as pretty as it is delicious. This competition gave our students the opportunity to test their skills and support the Girl Scouts of America.

If whipping up fantastic meals or desserts is something that you have a passion for and want to make a career for yourself in the culinary industry, then look no further than Helms College to get the proper education that will land you a position in this exciting field.

girl scout cake

Helms College student Lynae Radke’s Samoa Bundt cake entry.

The demand for bakers, chefs, cooks, and managers is immense, and hotels, restaurants and resorts hire people with the ability to make magic in the kitchen. Helms College can get you ready to meet the needs that these industries are looking for with a diploma or certificate from one of our two campuses in Georgia: The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality (Macon) or the Augusta School of Hospitality (Augusta).  You will receive a top-notch education taught by highly skilled and qualified experts who have spent years in the food business. You will learn both hands-on and theoretical knowledge that can be immediately applied in the real world and is highly sought after. In fact, we can assist you in getting a job when you graduate, too.

Helms College student Lynae Radke

Lynae Radke working in the Helms College kitchen .

Whether it’s a career as an executive chef, sous chef or restaurant manager, you will be on the right track to getting your dream role.  Helms College certificate programs give you the skills needed to be a baker, broiler cook, expediter, fry/sauté cook, pantry cook, pastry cook, soup/sauce cook and vegetable cook, even if it’s just to improve upon your current skills, or if you have the dream of one day owning your own restaurant, bed and breakfast inn, catering business  or  even your own food truck.

The career development center at Helms College partners with local hospitality employers that are seeking to get their hands on our graduating students to work in their venues.  We have had our students employed by some of the best restaurants in  Georgia to work under terrific chefs. If you aren’t afraid of hard work, have a drive to succeed and follow your dreams, and have a deep love of food, then Helms College could be the right place for you to begin your new career or expand on your current one.

Helms CollegeFor more information contact The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality in Macon at (478) 471-4834 or The Augusta School of Hospitality at (706) 651-9707. Financial aid, Title IV funding and VA education benefits are available to those who qualify. Helms College is operated by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA. Visit the Helms College website today to learn more.


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