Helms College Graduates Walk the Line to Success

Graduation Jan. 2016 Helms College

Helms College, Macon Campus, students from the Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality (in blue) and the Helms Career Institute Health Sciences and Spa Services programs (in white) participated in commencement exercises Jan. 28, 2016, at the Anderson Conference Center.

Helms College was honored to hold its first graduation ceremonies for 2016: the Augusta School of Hospitality on Jan. 25, and the Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality in Macon on Jan. 28. Thirty-six students earned their diplomas in Culinary Arts in Augusta, while in Macon, 10 students earned their diplomas in Culinary Arts, 26 earned their Health Sciences diplomas and three students received certification as massage therapists.

The Rev, Clifford Wallace, founder of Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia, delivered the graduation address in Macon. His remarks, “Uncomfortable Being Comfortable,” focused on how God has a plan for us in the form of a Biblical road map that will guide us through all aspects of life. He pointed to two great men, George Washington Carver and Dr. Edgar J. Helms (the founder of Goodwill), who both made their path according to the word of God and found success for themselves while helping others.

Class photo - Oct and Dec 2015 graduates

Three dozen students received diplomas in Culinary Arts from the Augusta Campus of Helms College on Jan. 25 at the Snelling Center.

Our students will not only forge new career paths in their selected professions, but they will be able to do good for those in need. Goodwill was started in 1902 when Dr. Helms collected used household goods and clothing and trained and hired unemployed people to repair and resell the goods to needy families. The proceeds paid the workers’ wages and were invested in the development of job training programs. We hope our graduating students can also live up to similar standards in their lives as they move forward in their new careers.

Helms College and Helms Career Institute graduates being addressed by James K. Stiff, President of Helms College.

James K. Stiff, President of Helms College, addresses graduates of Helms College and Helms Career Institute.

We applaud each graduating student as they make their way into their new jobs in culinary arts and health and spa services. They have been well-prepared with classroom and hands-on experience; their knowledge is not only theoretically-based, but also grounded in strong technical skills that will prove valuable as they move upward into their career paths. We look forward to following their endeavors and hearing their stories of ongoing accomplishment and achievement. Congratulations to our graduates and best of luck in your future!

Helms College Graduation

If you love to cook, or imagine a future in the culinary industry, then Helms College is the right fit for you. We have two locations to serve you: The Augusta School of Hospitality in Augusta, GA, and The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality in Macon, GA. There is no time like the present to begin pursuing your aspirations.

Helms CollegeFinancial aid, Title IV funding and VA education benefits are available to those who qualify. Helms College is operated by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA. Visit the Helms College website today to learn more.

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