It’s a New Year; why not resolve to embark on a new career?

Happy new yearAs we move into a new year, many of us resolve to improve aspects within our lives. Commonly referred to as a “New Year’s resolution”, the dawn of a new year gives us the opportunity to begin from a clean slate and a time to embark on self-improvement as we look to the future. Some of the most widely shared resolutions include improving one’s physical well-being through a healthy diet and more exercise.  Another resolution may include training for a new career and furthering your education. Making the decision to move ahead to improve your career path by forwarding your education can have a positive impact on every aspect of your lifestyle. The key to the success of this resolution is often determined by choosing the right college.

Cooking school of middle Ga and the CSRA area

Helms is committed to educating the next generation of chefs.

Selecting a college is a personal choice that means choosing the right “fit” of a school that enables growth and is affordable. An affordable school with a strong faculty and mission that is driven to serve the students will lead to greater student success.

At Helms College we don’t just educate; we open up possibilities. This is due to our unique, experiential culinary career training program, and because the students who attend Helms are not engulfed with debt upon graduation. Choosing the right culinary arts school is a major decision, and one that will ultimately shape your future. As is the case with any career path you choose it is important to consider how the cost of tuition will impact your lifestyle and budget while attending school and after graduation. While other schools are raising their tuition, Helms College is consistent in providing a quality education that also is affordable.

Helms College Macon students at the VIP preview for the Spirits of October 2013If your passion is to become a chef, or you imagine yourself taking center stage in a culinary-related field, Helms College can pave the way to a firm foundation in achieving your goals. Our accredited program not only provides classroom instruction, it also offers valuable hands-on experience. Our instructors are professional chefs who groom students on every aspect of culinary arts. Unlike other culinary programs, our curriculum allows students to use their skills in actual restaurant, catering and cafeteria settings.

Imagine the doors you could open with a culinary education from Helms College!

If you love to cook, or imagine a future within the industry, then Helms College is the right fit for you. We have two locations to serve you: The Augusta School of Hospitality in Augusta, GA, and The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality in Macon, GA. Winter classes begin on Jan. 11, so there is no time like the present to begin pursuing your aspirations.

Helms CollegeFinancial aid, Title IV funding and VA education benefits are available to those who qualify. Helms College is operated by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA. Visit the Helms College website today to learn more.

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