Helms College Students Get Hands-On Opportunities

Helms College sturdents busy in the kitchen

Helms College students work in the kitchen.

When you imagine the typical college classroom, what comes to mind? Many think of an oversized room with 100-plus students listening as the professor lectures.

This is one reason why Helms College is anything but a typical school. The minute you enter our facilities the differences are evident. The school’s programs emphasize technical and theoretical knowledge combined with the practical applications of cooking, baking, serving, catering, and management skills needed for success in the food industry. This experiential approach to learning culinary skills is taught by dedicated culinary arts instructors who not only engage with their students but genuinely care about their individual success.

Helms College Students in the kitchen

Learning to create attractive plating is an important part of culinary education.

At Helms College, students are exposed to a wide variety of skills and experiences that benefit them as they begin or advance their career. Unlike other culinary programs, the School of Hospitality allows students to use their skills in actual restaurant, catering and cafeteria settings, such as Edgar’s Bistro in Macon or Edgar’s Grille in Augusta. Both businesses are operated by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA and provide learning opportunities as students work with executive chefs, experienced sous chefs, and an experienced restaurant manager throughout their program.

In addition to these, Helms College is constantly looking for other hands-on training opportunities within the community to showcase our students’ robust skills.

Demonstration at Fresh Market in Macon, GA.

Demonstration at Fresh Market in Macon, GA.

Recently Helms College staff reached out to The Fresh Market in Macon to ask if  students could provide food demonstrations for their patrons, and the response was overwhelming! Currently our students demo their products each Tuesday. Fresh Market has provided the  ingredients while a seasoned student chef conducts the demonstration alongside a new student. This new initiative, “Teaching it Forward,” is of mutual benefit as The Fresh Market brings attention to their products, sales and increased patronage, and Helms College students learn the art of presenting in public.

Demonstration at Fresh Market in Macon, GA.

The Helms College demonstration table at Fresh Market in Macon, GA.

Helms College provides comprehensive, seamless educational foundations that give students the knowledge and skills needed to enter a career in culinary arts. Our staff works diligently to help our students stick to their educational commitment and graduate. Along with devoted instructors, Helms also offers a mentorship program. This program matches each student with a mentor who is aware of that individual student’s interests in the culinary field. As a student of our program, this mentor will help guide a student and give them valuable insight in becoming successful in their desired field. Some of our mentors are chefs, restaurant owners, catering business owners and other caring individuals to help students along the way.

Helms CollegeFor more information about exploring your own culinary career possibilities at Helms College, contact our admissions office today. Contact The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality in Macon at (478) 471-4834 or The Augusta School of Hospitality at (706) 651-9707.

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